8 December 2008

Whooops!! I forgot!

When life eventually gets back to normal (hopefully before Christmas) then I may be able to remember things again!! What I forgot to mention is that I gave the new animal jacket an 'airing' at the Lace Fair. I was worried that it wouldn't be comfortable - but it was!!

Below is another of the flowery SCMR bookmarks that I finished yesterday evening. I'm actually starting to like it!!! I think it's because of the colours I've used this time.


Anonymous said...

Very pretty bookmark. I love the colors.

connieangeline said...

I think that one of your little check off reactions should be,"OOOOh Pretty"
Because that's what I usually think about your tatting adventures. This one included.

BJ said...

Oh Jane! This is truly lovely. I MUST push myself to learn the SCMR beyond 'head knowledge' to execution of the technique. I, too, love the colors...
X Ridgetatter

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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