22 July 2009

3D earrings

I just love earrings BUT I'm fussy and like them to be very robust and not bend!! So I tend to stick to the same tried and tested patterns!!

This time I thought I'd try something different and here's the result.

Couldn't decide which photo to use so I'm putting both here!!
The pattern is really easy and one day I'll get round to putting it on my pattern site. IF anybody wants the 'text only' pattern then do shout.

There are three rounds (after a SCMR) on the upper motif and two rounds on the lower one. The rest is just playing with beads.

Which reminds me - there are only 25 beads added to the shuttle threads. The rest are 'added as you go'. Makes for a fast earring. Of course you may want to make them with just the one motif too!!!!

Ah, before I go!! My sister pointed out to me that there was an enormous boo boo on yesterday's motif. Thanks, Sally, I hadn't noticed. I'll just use that one to show people the thread - it will never go to a new home!!!


Sally Kerson said...

They look like dancers, very pretty, love the beads.
little sis

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Lovely Earrings! I like how you made it with a second tier. Another fantastic Pattern Jane!! I need to update my blog, I have been tatting your reversible motif, I have done 3 of them so far. Have a great day!!

Valerie said...

super pretty! love them.

Unknown said...

What a pretty style! I like the idea of them and the way they look like hanging flowers. I'll take some in pink! HA ha! ;)

Rajani said...

Please share the pattern as good as for a beginner. Cause I am a beginner.
Thanks in advance.!!

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Rajani. If you email me at lovetotat @ gmail.com I'll send you an easier pattern - this one http://tinyurl.com/llsoxf which is more for beginners.

Bonnie said...

Super Cute! They look like dancers to me.

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