20 July 2009

A true story about a naughty lady!!!

This is a true story about a naughty lady!!

First of all you'll need to know her name but I'm going to get you to guess until the end of this post!!!

This lass sent me three spools of thread about two weeks ago. I've so far tried the one out (that's the bronze metallic I've been waxing lyrical about) and as you've already guessed - I LOVE IT. So, I ordered more.

Now as this lass lives in the UK I rang her up to ask for more thread (silver and gold). First of all I had the usual 'silly' conversation with her DH first!!! I then spoke to her and said that I intended to take the bronze spool with me to Palmetto Tat Days in September so that anybody and everybody there could take some and try it out for themselves.

The spools I ordered duly arrived on Saturday morning. The reason I call her a 'naughty lady' is that she'd put yet ANOTHER spool in for me to take to Palmetto as well!!! So, if you want to test tat this thread then stop me and take some at the Palmetto Tat Days.

The lady's name? Bet you've guessed by now
but here's the link!!!


Sally Kerson said...

I thought it was you who was being a naughty lady AGAIN! Lucky people at Palmetto who will be able to test tat the metallic thread.

Ridgewoman said...

Whew! Great relief! It wasn't me! LOL

Unknown said...

Like Sally, I thought you were talking about yourself! ;)

How sweet of her to put in an extra spool of thread! :)

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