27 August 2010

Spot the difference!!!

Bet you can't.  

If you look at the two snowflakes below I think you'll find they look the same.  NO, not talking about the colours or the beads.   I'm talking stitch count and look of the actual pattern etc.

The one at the top which has the 'mainly green' theme is the first of the pair and is like the ones I've shown you already.  The one below which has more orange is what I think of as a 'non wobbly' version.

One thing I really, really don't like about designs is when a tatter with looser tension ends up with a 'floppy' piece and then isn't happy with the results.  One of the things designers can do to help prevent this is to make sure that elements are 'anchored' to each other at crucial points.  OK, it may mean a tad more concentration from the worker and a considerable amount of extra work for the designer but I feel the trouble is well worth the end result.  

Can you see what I mean?  

A few extra very small picots placed strategically in certain places can help the design to become 100% more stable and need (hopefully) no blocking.  

That's, of course, before the horse has bolted.  Get it?  Stable, horse, bolted?!?!?  YIKES, sick joke time again.


Isa said...

I love the colors and, Gorgeous!

Miranda said...

Ah, the green one lacks joining picots on the chains, both on the central flower and on the outer points, and the orange one has them. I can see even in the scan that this one will hold its shape better.

Thanks for sharing this design tip!

TAT19540 said...

I found it! You joined the chains part way down on the 'arms' coming of. I like it! I think I like it in 'orange' better. Both look lovely.

Margarets designer cards said...

They are both brillant and I love the colours Margaret

Sally Kerson said...

They both look great to me, fantastic design and in one hit,what could be better?!

Marty said...

Both are really pretty -- as for stability, if you say so, it's so. I'd like to feel the difference. If you'd like to send them both to me I'd be more able to offer a competent opinion.
(Hey! It was worth a try!)

Fox said...

I am in favour of the orange as well... looks more...solid? Both are terrific.
Fox : )

Jane Eborall said...

Gee, shucks, Marty - I don't have them anymore as they got put down somewhere in the house!!!

Krystle said...

is this a pattern soon available?

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, Krystle - as soon as I get roundtuit!!!!

Ladytats said...

I too can spot the added joins. I agree about the stability of joining adjacent elements. I prefer having sturdier motifs, with less blocking needed and they usually look more balanced then those that are "floopier"

Ridgewoman said...

I like the idea of stabilizing chains; that's what I did with "Hello Bear" Otherwise, as you said, he was too 'floppy'…I should have given more thought to his hands (paws) and made the picots all the same size…LOL It made for an interesting result, having the middle 'claw' bigger than the other two. almost X rated, in fact.
As usual you've come up with a great design tip. Your working out these extra bits that make our work better is noted and appreciated. xxxxx P

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