24 August 2010

New Lizbeth colours

I have such very kind friends who live over the pond and who keep me well supplied with every tatter's dreams - threads, beads etc.

Yesterday this package arrived from Sue Anna.  Inside were supplies of five of the new Lizbeth threads and a skein of Yarnplayer's rhubarb pie.  Also a lot of the Ez-bobs which are almost impossible to find in the UK.  

Now I have a HUGE problem - where and which to start with!!!  I know what I want to make but not sure which threads to use!!!  

All these life changing decisions, eh?  What AM I to do?

Answer - dive in and start!!!!


Carol Lawecki said...

Such pretty colors. I got these colors too! Now I need to find time to tat again. Katrina left for college, so I might have some spare time now.

Maureen said...

What a lovely problem to be faced with - I'm sure you will be strong enough to cope with all the choices!

Sally Kerson said...

SNAP! I got a package too, with all those goodies, Sue Anna is so so generous and they are absolutely gorgeous, so pleased that you are my sister!!!

Margarets designer cards said...

Now thats a nice problem to start with, they are beautiful colours why cant we have such beautiful threads in this country Margaret

TAT19540 said...

Glad you and Sally like your colors! Colors are addictive like chocolate-can't have just ONE!lol. The orange is just in time before leaves change and fall gets here(hint hint). Maybe you just have to do some fall things to go with your Christmas things!

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