17 February 2016


People say that some things 'breed like rabbits'!!! Well they're certainly breeding in Tat Land!!!

So far we've got 56 of them on the Tat It And See blog which is here.

Wonder if there'll be any more before the end of the week?

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Kathy Niklewicz said...

Great rabbit, just in time for Easter! And thanks to Maureen for her 'subtle' suggestion - year after year! LOL! This will be adorning many cards and other items far into the future!

Can't believe there were no comments on this post! I've been trying to catch up with your blog, and I wondered whose version of the TIAS rabbit this one was, because I thought it was perfect! Then I discovered it was your own, of course! Cute story about your granddaughter!

I'm also curious if 'Bugs' was your model, because it seems like it's the kind of 'happy dance' he would do after 'acquiring' a carrot out of Elmer's garden!

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