14 June 2012

Starting a new design

Sally, my sister, bought a lot of shell beads a few weeks ago (see this post) and that reminded me once more about this necklace which I bought recently.

So, off I went to try something out.  The top picture was my third attempt (plain green) and it's looking - well, scruffy I think!!!  I always use threads I don't like when designing.  Well, threads that I've gone off for now so that I don't waste good and pretty ones.

Next evening I had another go at it and that's the one below.  What a MESS!!!!

More on this disaster another day!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Well, it certainly has possibilities, it's going to be stunning when you sort out the drawbacks. Thanks for showing the process because sometimes you make designing look too easy and we don't realise all the hard work that went in before the final design is shown!

Jon Yusoff said...

I am confident that you will find a way to clear up the 'mess'.

As for Sally, she could be having a "beadful" time where she is now, :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

The basic motif looks wonderful, and I actually like the thread in the 2nd photo, except for the spot of orange.

Margarets designer cards said...

I think the pattern it is not bad but might look better in a different colour, Not sure about the colour of the second one, is it variegated thread, the orange bit has thrown the colours out.

Barbara Gordon said...

I just won another drawing on-line and I got a bunch of those flat beads, so now
I have to find a pattern to put one of them in the center of. They are so cool! I love the looks of this one Jane. I keep looking at this and try figuring out how that orange got in there...ah, variegated thread! To bad there wasn't just a bit more in there...

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