16 June 2012

New design part 2

Now this is what happened the next evening - I made another using decent thread which usually means I'm happy with how the design is going - nearly 'there' would be the term I'd use.

Hang on, you may well ask, (or again you may not ask and may not want to know!) where's the bead?  

I attacked it with the scissors - I DIDN'T like the way it was going and it's now got a naked middle.  Back to the 'drawing board' again.

Mentioning drawing - I never draw up potential designs until they're done as they're usually nowhere near right if I do.  I might do a quick sketch on Eazydraw if it's an animal that I'm  going to work on but that's only to get the general outline.  I NEVER do it for a motif.  Perhaps I should!!!  There again - why change the habits of a lifetime, eh?


Ladytats said...

wow, it's colorful. the design itself looks it could be a doily center or something. there is potential in it.
I will be interested in seeing your final stitch pattern.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

Ha ha laughing at myself. I looked at the picture before I read the post and I'm thinking to myself,what happened here. Why is Jane's chain in the middle so loose and sloppy? That's not like Jane. Then I read your post about attacking the middle with scissors. Now I understand why the motif looks the way it does. LOL!! Better luck on the next go round.

Margarets designer cards said...

I was wondering what happened to the middle, but then I read it and saw you had attacked it, the pattern looks lovely and I think you are getting there with the design.
Look forward to seeding the finished design.

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