22 May 2017

Another necklace finished.

I'm really liking playing with the beads so decided to make another necklace which I'll probably never wear. 

Like the last one I've smothered it with Scotchgard but unlike the last one I've added tiny gold beads to the joining picots. 


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Another pretty necklace!

Sewicked said...

It's very different from the other one and it's pretty in a completely different way.

God's Kid said...

This one has an elegance to it!!!!! :)
Maybe you should sell them, if you are not going to wear them. I am sure someone would love them and wear them!

Jane McLellan said...

Yes, put them in your etsy shop. I wondered if you could fill them with, say, cottonwool, if you didn't have the right size bead available??

Jane Eborall said...

My Etsy shop doesn't do any good so not worth even paying 20 cents to put it in there!!! I'm finding it hard to get motivated to sell tatting. Cottonwool would 'poke out' in the middle of the rings, I think as you can see the beads clearly. Those polystyrene type of craft balls you can get at most craft stores would work, though.

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