28 March 2016

Another day - another round!

Here's the new doily now with a second round on it. Believe it or not - those are the same colours on the outside as on the centre. Weird, isn't it?  Looking at it again - no, they're not the same colours!!!  Really MUST get BC3 to help write blog posts!!!

I think I'll do another doily now - just to test the pattern before I put it on my site. Well, that's an excuse really as I've so much enjoyed doing this one I really 'need' to do another. Next one will be in size 40 thread, though. Why? Well I'm in the mood for size 40!! Simple!!

What I really like about this design is all the negative space it's generated. Makes it a whole lot lighter. It's still very firm, though.  Pity I didn't block or press this before I showed it to you but I will with the next one.


  1. Yes, I love those negative spaces. And that's a positive response!

  2. I always love your color choices! The negative space really does add to the interest of the doily.

  3. It's awesome!!! :)

  4. Anonymous9:13 pm

    I knew it! "Wait and see" WAS the perfect color to add to that doily. :-) I like the negative space, too.

  5. I haven't been in touch with the tatting community for a while (life and a brain tumor got in the way) but this being International Tatting Day, I thought it time to get back in touch. I just have to say I love this Fandango doily idea. I love the repetition of the basic motif in the successive rounds (and the negative spaces of course.)

    1. Thank you, Beelizabeth. Hope you are well on the way to a full recovery and welcome back to Tat Land too.


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