30 March 2016

Another diversion!!!

Well I'm still trying to make the 'perfect' bell type bauble!!! I never give up on these things and a good thing too!!!!   I'm now trying out different ideas especially when it comes to hiding the rib ends. I think I've 'cracked' that now with this experiment!!! It's quite easy really. 

Because these will be hanging from something or other I've covered a tiny, tiny metal split ring before starting and then continued by adding the ribs to that and then straight into the bell itself. 

With the weather still pretty appalling over here I think more experiments will be happening!!!


  1. You always have the perfect beads for the threads you use! I really like that thread color!

  2. Anonymous1:06 am

    These are lovely! Your bead and thread colors always go together 'just right.'


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Happy Beaks
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