13 January 2014

Yet another!!!

Lots more TIAS's in overnight - please bear with me while I play catch up this morning.  An OG has to eat sometimes, you know and I've also got to post all the shuttles this morning too!!!

The Tat It And See has almost 80 people taking part - well, that's the number I know about!!!  I'm thrilled with the numbers and delighted to see not only old friends but new ones arriving daily.  Thanks everybody.

I thought another colour may do the trick and make me like it but it didn't and I don't!!!!  It still didn't twirl enough for me but I carried on working on it!!!  I'll show you more and get the pattern up soon. 


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love the color of this one! Keep 'em coming, Jane, I love seeing all the variations.

Ginny W said...

I like this design it is very interesting to me

Phyllis said...

Perhaps another round like the previous where you added rings to move the block tatting over?

Valerie said...

would adding another set of ds to the next row make the twirl more pronounced?

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Happy Beaks
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