25 August 2011

IF I had a brain!

Seriously - if I had a brain I'd be dangerous!!!  I know I've got three cells but that sure doesn't make a brain, does it?

I'd forgotten all about this little guy until Jane dropped me a line last week reminding me!!  Actually it was Ginny who mentioned it on her blog in the first place and Jane saw it.  Originally it was a TIAS (Tat It And See) that we ran 'live' at Palmetto Tat Days in 2009.  

I usually wait until after their CD's have finished selling before I put the patterns on my site but this time I forgot about this little chameleon!!!  I'll pop him on the pattern pages soon!!!

Actually if I get time later today I'll 'do' it then!!!  

Still outstanding is the dragonfly but I'll have to find that little stinker first!!!!


Ginny W said...

He sure is cute!

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

He's so realistic Jane, the shape of him is right on!!

Stephanie Grace said...

*Squeals with delight* After seeing this little guy on Ginny's blog, I went crazy trying to find the pattern! I must've gone through your page ten times --and searched the internet with every Jane Eborall/ TIAS/ Palmetto Tat Days / Chameleon/ Lizard combination I could come up with ... to no avail.

At least I now know it wasn't me just not seeing it! LOL. ;-) THANK YOU for posting this one!!! I fell in love with this little guy and can't wait to grow the ..umm... bravery to try it out! :-D

Thank you,
Stephanie Grace

Heather said...

Awesome, I love it! I've just been reading the Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle to the little one, and this looks just like those!

Now I need keep her away from this pic or I'll have to make this in several colors for her. :)

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