26 August 2011

A shark meets a chameleon!!!

Well here he is in all his glory and now swimming about in cyberspace - Nathan's shark!!!  The link is here!

I also managed to get the chameleon up there too.  His link is here!

That's now leaving me with the dragonfly to find but goodness knows where that's hiding - somewhere on this computer!!!


Tatman said...

And shark EATS chameleon!! Thanks for the fun stuff! ;)


Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Wow, Jane. What wonderful additions to your zoo of animal patterns. Thank you very much for sharing them with us.

Ridgewoman said...

No, the chameleon changes colors and the shark, who can’t see too well any way, misses him. I’ll not have the chameleon knocked off! LOL
While at the Carlsbad Caverns (didn’t get to go down into the cavern but had fun in gift shop and book store and looking at the exhibits) Anyway...I found a scorpion, so that’s your next project...a good ole New Mexico Scorpion. I wanted to buy a little horny toad (horned frog to non desert folks) hand carved, but too frugal to let go of $45. It was about the size of a quarter.
love the shark and adore the chameleon...hugs bev

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