27 August 2011

Another butterfly

Here's another of the butterflies.  
Why did I make another?  That's beyond me!!!  I think it's just cause I like making them!!  I could use the excuse that I'm checking the pattern - again.  That's sort of true.  I'd like to tell any new designers that you can never ever check a pattern enough times!!!  Even an OG like me has to check about six times before they're happy.

Ah, maybe I should just stick to simpler ideas, eh?  


IsDihara said...

Such a graceful little flutter! (perfect for bead-lovin' tatters) What thread did you use?

Ms. Irene is threatening to unleash some much needed rain on my corner of Tat Land today. I am ready to invite her for tea and tatting!

Ah, but I'm a fickle hurricane hostess. I welcome the rain, but the gusty winds not so much.

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful butterfly, love the colours.

Anonymous said...

I like better in this colors,
but the pattern is equally beautiful in any colors it's made!!
I could stand here for hours to gazing at this wonder-butterfly!!
Carla from Rom (Italy)

Ladytats said...

Jane, very nice, each time you do this it looks great.
this would be a great Tat-A-Long project. not a Tat It And See, because we know what it is, but if you did it in small increments like a TIAS, then those who are new or unaccustomed to beading would be able to handle small doses of the different techniques you use in this Butterfly.

KeyWestKeely said...

This is beautiful! I love the dimensions of the wings on this one...

Could you tell us what thread you used? The colors are perfect!

Jane Eborall said...

Hi Keeley - I think it's Lizbeth number 160 called Country Kitchen. It looks very different on the black background - I'll check tomorrow for you. Pretty sure it's that one!!

God's Kid said...

Pretty colors! :)

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