29 August 2011

Hidden gems - part 1

Some time ago I won some books on Ebay.  Do I need more tatting books?  Answer is, of course, not!!!!  This was a gamble which paid off and you can read some more about the purchase here.
Now what happened next is down to the generosity of a very dear friend in The Netherlands called Riet who kindly sent me the other two in this series which you can see below.  This is Riet's blog.

The progress of this artist's creativity is interesting.  Eska uses a lot of node stitch and combined with what look like very long picots this gives a very lacy effect.  The picture below is from book 1.  More to follow.

An addendum to this post from Bonnie who says the following:-

"Ms. Jane, I believe in your first paragraph you miss spoke.  It should be correct as follows ... Answer is, of course!!!!
The tatting pictured looks like a portion of a crown.  Happy Monday :-)  Until next time, tat on Girlfriend, tat on!"


miscellanea said...

This one is a very interesting pattern, a collar, isn't it? Thank You for sharing.

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, a collar it is. Well spotted, Petra.

Margarets designer cards said...

Looks an interesting pattern, and would make a lovely collar or crown. Are you going to try this pattern?


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Happy Beaks
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