22 August 2011

What I really need

Is there anybody out there who would like a challenge?  I don't often cry out for a test tatter but I feel I need one for this pattern!!!

It's the re-furbished butterfly with a fancy edging that needs somebody's tender loving care!!!  It was a $&;(@! to write down!!!!  I'm not even sure what the fancy edging is called but it requires three shuttles!!!  OK, it's a pain to work but it's SO well worth the effort for the effect you get.  Anyway please drop me a line if you're not faint hearted and would like a 'go' at this.  My email address is in my profile.

Once this is tested I'll put it back on the web site.  I've also split the two versions so that you only need to print off the one you want - IF you want it!!!!  Here's the finished flutterby!!!


TAT19540 said...

OOH pick me! I would love to test tat your pattern if you would let me. If I can figure it out than everyone can! I love the new butterfly.

Margarets designer cards said...

I would love to be your test tatter but I am going to pass this time, I am having another op this week and dont feel I would be up to trying to play with your lovely butterfly, may I suggest an edging of josephine knots.

Anonymous said...

A challenge?
what for a great challenge!!
Like to climb the Everest...,
I never tat whit beads,but I lerned so much (thank you a thousand....)from your beautiful and very helpful site that is perhaps the time to learn for so a special "butterfly"!
Carla from Rom (Italy)

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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