20 August 2011

At the same time!!!

At the same time as working on the new project I've been working on the ancient butterfly on my site.  Being a woman I can multi task!!  Well, in theory!!  

I decided a few weeks ago that this pattern HAD TO GO!!!!  Why?  Well simple, really.  I think it needs sorting!!!  I really like this pattern and it was specially designed to go onto oval metal inserts.  I can no longer get these but even before that I'd made a tatted centre 'just in case'!!!!  

The butterflies are really pretty but I've never seen anybody else work them so there's obviously something wrong with the pattern.  I have set out to put this right!!!!

Here's the plain version done in one of the lovely Lizbeth variegated threads that Sue Anna kindly gave me.  It's currently being tried out by my little sister!!!!!  In fact I've decided to divide the pattern into the two versions so that eventually they'll appear on two different pages - to save on printing costs for anybody who wants to 'give them a go'.


Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely butterfly, and very pretty colour

IsDihara said...

I don't understand...why did the butterfly "have to go" when you had already designed a tatted center? It is so pretty! Is the blue butterfly the new and improved one? Because it certainly looks to be fluttery perfection.

Could it be a a butterfly makeover?

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, Isdihara - he had to go as I thought the whole way the pattern was written was confusing and old fashioned!!!! I'm a bit fussy and constantly go back over my old work to modernise it!!!! Actually your description of a makeover is much better!!! Glad you like it - more to come soon on this subject!!!

God's Kid said...

That is a beautiful blue butterfly!!! :)

Madtatter said...

That's a very nice flutter bye.

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