30 April 2008

Yesterday it rained AGAIN!!!!

No progress with the TIAS yesterday as I decided to get the roly poly tat bags finished. Six now almost ready to go - but ......? I'm still mithering about how much to charge for them but have decided to try them out in my Etsy shop. They're not quite finished as I'm waiting for further supplies of split rings to arrive. They should be here today and when the handles are finished I'll photograph them for all to see!!!
Today the forecast is for - wait for it - MORE rain!!! I will be out all morning so may finish the bags off this afternoon or (if the muse hits!) will continue with the TIAS. I tatted more on it last night and progress was very pleasing. Really just need to settle down for a few more sessions and finish putting the pages together.
Ah, well, time to shower - I stink!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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