29 April 2008

Yesterday it rained!!!

So what, you may well ask!!! I decided it was 'make or break' on the next TIAS so having gone a long way towards one it was time to force myself to sit down and carry on!!! What better sort of day than one where it rained and was windy and cold too.
The main 'problem' with this TIAS is (as usual) - me!!
It won't 'just end' when the tatter completes it - there will be a bonus to finishing. Nope, I'm not saying any more than tat!!!


Bonnie said...

Jane, you are to funny, your posts always make me smile.

Carol Schockling Lawecki said...

OH Jane, You are such a tease!!!

Bring it on!

Can't wait!!

Tattycat said...

Yes you are funny and a tease. Don't let it wait too long!

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Happy Beaks
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