25 July 2012


So what I decided next was that the outfit needed some more 'bling'!!! 

This is a pendant I made to go with it.  Same purple thread and the same gold too.  I used the Fandango motif for this but put a long beaded picot at the bottom with another beaded picot in the middle.  It's one of my favourite 'tricks' is using beads this way.  You can't do it unless you bead the picot as you make it. 


Val said...

Ahh, I see why you would make this to pair with the blouse! Both are lovely, in royal colours, Queen of Tatting! The pendant could be hung at the centre of the collar edging where the V point is! Just my 2 cents' worth...

Oh, and I think Brain cell #3 has more up her sleeves... ;p

geraldine said...

This will go well with your new posh top and make you a very posh person. Love how it's worked out.

Margarets designer cards said...

Nice pendant, To look posh I would put it on a gold chain, are you going to make one to go with every outfits you are taking.


God's Kid said...

Great pendant!! :)

Carol Lawecki said...

This will look smashing with the new and improved top!!

Sally Kerson said...

You are going to be the "belle of the ball" and I will be Cinderalla!

Joy McKenzie said...

Absolutely super
Joy in OZ

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Happy Beaks
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