26 July 2012

And finally!!

Here are the earrings to complete the 'ensemble' but they're definitely going 'under the scissors'.  I DO NOT like them and they will NOT survive.  If you could see how many things I cut and chuck while designing you'd be horrified.  Lately my tiny granddaughter goes home with some of them but she's now getting more perceptive and asks for 'proper' tatting.  She's heading towards 5 in November and has just found out that the school uniform does not have any pink or purple in it - I fear rebellion!!!!

The fantastic beads (which came from Val in Singapore) will be recovered and be re-used but I actually almost hate these earrings.

Having made one it beggars belief that I went ahead and made another!!!  I'll find a small tray and cut them over the top so that I don't lose any of the beads and then wait for brain cell 3 to pay a visit!  He's currently working on it while I type and I've a feeling that the 'new' version will be 3D ones.  Time will tell!!!  I'll be back to show you what happens once it has!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Ah well, ideas don't always work!

Margarets designer cards said...

We all do it, just have to start again, you will get there

Madtatter said...

I think they'd make nice zipper pulls.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

They sure seem OK to me - but you tat so fast it's not really a problem to re-design! It's fun to watch your mind at work!

I chuckled over the 'proper tatting' comment! So cute! Uh,oh - no pink or purple? Trouble ahead!

Ladytats said...

those are not up to your usual standards. or maybe because you don't like them, they are out of whack and need blocking.
you will figure it out I am sure.
he he on the comment from the granddaughter, you will have to teach her to tat so she can do her own "proper" tatting.

Madtatter said...

I just heard that your daughter carried the torch today. That's very cool. I hope we see pictures.

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