21 December 2018

Start of third Coriolis

Having been so, so disappointed with my colour choices on the last Coriolis I decided to start another!!! I can never leave anything alone until I'm totally happy with it!!!! 

I'm hoping to make another six using different colour ways and than maybe even another round after that. Bit ambitious as I may well fall out of love with these colours in due course!!! Who knows.

I'm taking a break from blogging next week as I want to concentrate on my new idea!!! There'll be plenty of time while 'watching' the telly which is a skill I'm hopeless at!!! 

So, see you after the Silly Season!!!


occhitat said...

Love these colors, Jane!
Happy, happy Silly Season! Have fun with your new idea!! We look forward to hearing of your tatty adventures!

Happy tatty times,
Katie V in NC

Maureen said...

Enjoy the break, and Happy Christmas to you!

Tim Kaylor said...

Oh, now those colors, I like! I crocheted a throw in those colors some years ago.

God's Kid said...

Looks wonderful!!! :)

Tim Kaylor said...

Merry Christmas, Jane!

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks to everybody. Heading for bed now, Tim. Can hardly keep my eyes open!!

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Happy Beaks
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