19 December 2018

This Way That Way Motif

Before I start.  I had 23 anonymous spam comments yesterday and all but one were on a post I made back in 2009!!!  I find it annoying but also amusing as the comments are so obviously not thought out and whoever is doing it is simply wasting their time. Delete, delete, delete!!!!!

So today I’m showing you yet another motif which has been updated mainly because I hated the colours of threads I'd used previously!!!

I'm really loving these colours together and may have to make another. 

Of course this can be varied as the 'odd' SLT here and there would make it even more interesting to a butterfly brain like BC3's!!!!


Bev said...

I thought there was a silver doodad in the centre of this piece until I enlarged the photo. Nope - three colours. Bravo Jane. Your designs are getting trickier and obviously keeping BC3 in trim!
Sorry you have to endure trolls.
May you and Nick have. Lovely Christmas.

God's Kid said...

Great motif!! :)

Alka Gudadhe said...

Beautiful motif.

Ninetta said...

Love this colours together, I wouldn't say that before looking at this one, perhaps it's your pattern that merges all so well. Also, I've had a storm of anonymous comments, I wish I could understand who and why someone put random comments in blogs, sometimes they look harmless but it's clear that they aren't related to the post. I reactivate the captcha.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks for your comment, Ninetta. Reassuring to know I’m not the only one suffering. Good idea about the captcha. I may do that for a while.

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