20 December 2018

Progress after problems!!

Well things progressed and I reached this stage not long after. 

Then things went pear shaped!!! I noticed that shortly after the first picture that there were two holes where there shouldn't be holes!!! Yes - calamity had struck again!!! Is this yarn fated or will BC3 simply HAVE to be replaced and if so who is going to step up and take his place?

I could've sewn up the two holes that shouldn't have been there but I didn't. You can guess what I did. I spent two days unwinding it all back to the boo boo's and then set off again!!! This is where I am now!


God's Kid said...

It's such a beautiful design!! :)

Maureen said...

At least it's a lot easier to rip out crochet than it is to unpick tatting!

Jane Eborall said...

With this yarn it isn't, Maureen!!! The fluffy fibres stick to each other all the time!!!

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to recycle yarn when the project didn't turn out the way I expected. I have several small balls of yarn that are being recycled into mittens. It should be plenty for that purpose, and it will look nicer than what it was originally.

The throw looks magnificent. Beautiful colors and they look marvelous crocheted in that lovely square.


picotsnkeys said...

I'd volunteer to replace BC3, but I need all I got....nothing to share!

il mio chiacchierino said...

è bellissimo e nuovo ciao complimenti

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Happy Beaks
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