3 December 2018

More updating

There is a reason for all this 'going back' over things!!! It's not just to drive myself bonkers but also for another reason which will be revealed one day.

This is an old and ancient motif/snowflake which I've dated as 2004 as I know it was in my early days of putting things on my web site. During this update I've had to re-draw the diagrams and have carefully changed the text too so that it should be easier to understand and make. Times change and so does my method of recording my work too!!!

I remember learning these new techniques and being afraid, very afraid of using them in patterns as (probably) nobody else would be able to use them!! Nowadays these are 'everyday' techniques so I'm no longer afraid!!! Here's the link to the newly named Motif 2. As usual it was a struggle to find a name and once I'd done that all my links and filing system had to be changed too!!! 

Now onto the next update!!!


Grace Tyler said...

Beautiful piece! I would love to try it.

Jane McLellan said...

It's interesting to look back and see how we've developed, not just you but all of us! It's an interesting pattern, much more complicated than a first glance would suggest.

God's Kid said...

Great motif!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

I can see how different colors would make a difference its beautiful ❄

Ninetta said...

Beautiful! Thank you very much for the pattern!

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Happy Beaks
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