28 November 2018

Christmas tree and puppets

The Tuesday group that I belong to consists of neighbours (mainly) who live in one of our two roads. We've been meeting regularly for a few years now and have met and made friends which may not have happened without our little group.

We hire a room in a local house which is used for alternative therapies and holistic type healing 'stuff'. Our 'remit' is really just to meet and drink coffee/tea and chat over any crafts we may or may not be doing. We try to make things for different groups who may need help in the neighbourhood and have made bunting (for our own road) and for several other charity groups. 

Each year we aim to make a quilt and raffle it for a chosen charity and this year our theme is trees. 

I've told you all this just so I could 'show off' my tree which is still work in progress. I'll be sharing other trees as time goes by!!!

Below is a group of therapy glove puppets (another of our projects) which Sandra and I delivered to a local children's group last week.


Jane McLellan said...

How wonderful to meet as a community and to help others as well. Love the little puppets! And I look forward to seeing more trees.

Madtatter80 said...

Very sweet and kind thing to do.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That sounds like a fun group! I really like your tree. Wouldn't some tatted ornaments look great on it? ;-)

Jane Eborall said...

That’s something I’ve thought of Diane but instead I may do something else on this tree as it’s got a lot of busy prints on the fabric. I may do another tree and that WILL have tatting on it!!!!

God's Kid said...

Great tree and puppets!! :)

LibraryLady said...

The puppets warmed my heart! I hope the children enjoy them.

Your tree theme is enchanting. There's something about patchwork that transports me back in time. Perhaps it's because many years ago I made a patchwork tree skirt for beneath my Christmas tree -- and I still have and enjoy it!

Hugs, my Friend,


Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, Heidi. Long may you continue to enjoy your skirt.

Alka Gudadhe said...

Wonderful puppets, I like all of them.

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