15 August 2015

Another seahorse

While I was making this little chap I suddenly remembered that I'd changed the pattern a bit some time ago!!!  Tatting changes over the years and so has my notation too.  I realised that the version I've been working on is an 'old' one and that somewhere on the iMac there was a newer one!

So, yesterday I went searching and found it, pdf'd it and uploaded it to replace the older version!!!  It's more detailed and (I hope) more user friendly!!! So, here it is.

Oh, the seaweed is simply split rings of 4 + (bangle) 4 / 8.  I used a 3" bangle with size 20 thread.

14 August 2015

Just a seahorse!

I fancied a change!!! I needed/wanted to make something different so I turned to the dear old seahorse for that very reason. 

I remember the excitement of this design back in probably 2001. I was doing the odd bit of 'work' for a magazine here in the UK and the craft editor rang me up one evening to ask me to do a seahorse. I asked her what the deadline was and she said - 'three days'!!! 

Now anybody who's tried to do any design other than a simple flowery one will realise the panic that set in!!!! Actually it came together very easily much to my surprise and I had it done within a week - drawings too. 

When was it published? Two years later!!! Now what was that panic all about?!?!?

13 August 2015

Shuttle comparisons

I showed you the shuttle on the left which is one of this batch that I won on Ebay recently.

The one on the right was given to me by a lady who lived in a beautiful thatched cottage opposite Shottery church (not that far from Anne Hathaway's cottage). I was about 14 when it was given to me as a new tatter. I never did find out if Mrs Wildig was a tatter or not but this little beauty has been with me ever since and won't be going anywhere else - not in a hurry, anyway.

It's interesting to see them both together. Slightly different in design and in size.

12 August 2015

I've DONE it!!!

Finally got the time yesterday to finish off and upload the rest of the patterns I'd forgotten.

They're all on the 'odds and ends' page which is here.

There are two breeds of gingerbread men - one on a button and one 'plain' and a large cupcake which can be made into a pendant to go with yesterday's smaller one.

11 August 2015

When WILL you all listen to me?

I keep TELLING you all I'm bonkers and that I don't have a memory (actually that's not down to old age - it's always been bad) but you never believe me.  Perhaps you will if you read this post!!!!

It wasn't until somebody mentioned a cupcake on Facebook yesterday that I remembered that I'd done one (or two) for Palmetto Tat Days last year. They were making jokes about it so I went to look for the link on my pattern site. Well, of course, it wasn't there!!! Why? Because I'd forgotten to put it there!!

The patterns taught at Tat Days go onto a CD which anybody can buy so I don't usually upload the patterns I've taught until the following February. Well this year February came and went (I believe) and I just darned forgot!! 

So yesterday I started uploading the patterns. Got four up and then realised that they hadn't got the abbreviations on so I'll add the rest tomorrow - got the small ones finished and they're here.

These are teeny tiny cupcakes and ideal for earrings or similar. The other cupcakes (coming soon) are about right for a pendant.

10 August 2015

Round 11

Just started on round 11. This darn doily is becoming (or, do I mean 'has become') an addiction! I really, really ought to be doing other things and am slowly weaning myself off it at the moment. This is the time of year when I should be thinking of the TIAS and Christmas designs but I can't get BC3 to start on it yet. 

8 August 2015

Round 10 of Jan's doily.

First of all - there's just one shuttle left in the shop.  Well, there was when I last looked!!!

I'm so glad I marked the joins when doing the last round!!!!  Made this one so much easier.

This is round ten finished. Again I'm behind with blogging progress as so many other things are in the queue to be blogged!!! 

I'm also working on other odds and ends including two designs which have been started - and abandoned!!!! When I 'pop my clogs' (die) then I hope somebody will go through the pattern section on my computer and retrieve all those half done or even fully finished designs and retrieve them!!! 

I tend to do them then forget because once done they're not important!!! I know there's a necklace there somewhere which is very beaded but none of the beads are on the shuttle or chain threads. I'm pretty sure it's finished too as I made one for myself. BUT because I don't wear necklaces very often I forget it's 'there'.  Oh, there's a bracelet there too - maybe I'll get it uploaded next week.

So, please, when I do die then send somebody to snoop around and find these things. Meantime I'll be shoved in a box, taken to the crematorium and burnt into smithereens (or even ashes!) to be chucked somewhere by somebody.

7 August 2015

Second scrap bag

Here's the other scrap bag!!! Not sure which is my favourite so they'll both have to go in the end!!!!

6 August 2015

More shuttles

So here are two more of the shuttles I won on Fleabay (also known as Ebay to those of a saner disposition)!

Yes there were two in the collection. TWO of my favourite of all time shuttles. If you look at the top picture that was on Fleabay (here) - you'll see one at the top under the purple thread and one at the bottom. 

I'm sure I've told you before that I was first introduced to Milward shuttles at the tender age of 13 by my gran. As far as I can remember they were the only shuttle we could get hold of in the local shops. 

Then a few years later I came across the dear old Aero (made by the same company) which I didn't like at first. It wasn't until some time after that that I decided it would be much faster to wind and easier on the sofa (kept having to take it apart to find the wretched Milward hook).  I also thought it would be faster to use as the hook couldn't get lost. 

So, a few days of severe 'brain training' (I used to have many more than just BC3 in those days), I taught myself the knack of using this shuttle. Did you know that the life of a real Aero can be in excess of 50 years? Well, I'm not sure that's a fact but I'm sure I'm still using some of the original ones!

4 August 2015

First scrap bag

I finally got round to finishing off my 'scrap bags' which I started back in May or June!!!! Here's the link to their 'birth'!!!

Now I really was making these for myself but unfortunately (or fortunately!!!) I don't need them!!! Why, you may ask? Or probably you won't!!!!! Well, the last one I made for myself is still absolutely fine and won't need replacing for simply AGES!!! I made six of them in 2012 and the one I use every day is still fine. I throw it in the washing machine from time to time and is comes out looking as good as new!!! Here's the batch I made 'back then'.

Now I'm seriously wondering what to do with this bag. Do I sell it or do I give it to somebody? Decisions, decisions!!

3 August 2015

Round 9 start

First of all - there are still some Pop A Bobbin Shuttles left in my Etsy shop.  I didn't really advertise them a lot so maybe some of you may have missed them!!!

So, here is the start of round 9 although I'm further on than this now!!!!. 

As you can see I'm marking with a thread where the joins are needed on the next round. Poor Diane got into a load of trouble with her doily when she made mistakes on the previous round or this one so I decided to mark the joins as I went. Also it helps as I'm placing beads on some and not on others too!!!

Should zip through this round and am looking forward to round 10 next!!!

1 August 2015

31 July 2015

Japanese Knot bag

I fancied a change!!

Crazy Mom Tats visited me a month or so ago and very kindly gave me some fabric.  I find it hard to buy fabric except online.  We have a very expensive shop in town that charges an arm and a leg for their stuff.  There's a tiny shop in Alcester where I go to Crafternoon and theirs is a little cheaper but there's nothing as good as I can get in America when I visit so Sandra's gift was amazing.

Now stupidly I'd left the stash of new fabric out a few weeks ago when Liz and Jim came over for a family get together.  Liz spotted the cats!!!  She's got cats and loves anything with a cat design on it.   She asked if I could make her a bag.  Now I knew that the little square bags were probably of little or no use to her (she doesn't tat!) and I'm not sure if the print is too big for them too. (That will be tested in the future!!!). So, having been shown a Japanese knot bag I decided I'd research that as a possible task. 

I found two designs - one a floppy saggy design which would be easy peasy and the other with a round bottom (not quite so easy). Me, being me, decided to 'go' with the latter!!! When I showed the finished item to Nick he didn't quite know how to tactfully tell me that the handles weren't the same!!! I had to smile. I then showed him how the bag closed and he was well impressed. So, that was that. Then somebody asked whether I was going to make them for the Etsy shop!!!  Now, what do you all think?  It's actually a great size for carrying tatting around in. Any comments welcome.

30 July 2015

More shuttles very soon

Below is a list of the shuttles I'll be listing in my Etsy shop which can be found here.  Don't forget to look at my little bags too.  If possible please buy one or two or even twenty to help an old git to keep up with her bead and thread supplies!!!!

I'll list the shuttles on Saturday so that I can get them in the mail on Sunday. Not sure what time I'll put them 'live' but they'll be there.

POP-A-BOBBIN SHUTTLES all with hooks 




2 SEQUOIA £18 

3 ASH £18 


1 YEW £18 

1 EBONY £22.50 

1 MAHONIA £20.50

29 July 2015

Day 8 - shuttles

I have another like this but until then I'd never seen one. This style (metal) must've bypassed me back whenever.

I started off with the Milliards shuttle as they were readily available in all haberdashery and knitting/sewing shops - even in our small town. BUT I never came across these metal ones 'back then'. So, I now have two in my collection. I'll try test driving this one soon.

28 July 2015

Day 7 - shuttles

I think this is the best of the shuttles that I won on that Ebay listing. In fact, I'll admit, this is the one I had my beady eye on in the first place.

I do have a very similar one already which I'll show you sitting next to this another day. 

I wonder how old it is? Pretty old, I think.

27 July 2015

Round 8 finished

There you are!!! Round 8 of the Jan doily done and dusted. 

I've been trying to understand myself and this addiction. 

Is it because it's an easy tat with the added frisson of working out the bead placements and the actual stitch count? Or is it because I'm not really worrying about it?

All I really know is that I can't put it down. I've a new design which I really ought to be working on but whenever I sit down I choose the doily!!! Maybe I'll give up on designing and just stick to tatting which is what I mainly did for the first thirty to forty or so years.

25 July 2015

Day 6 - shuttles

Now today I'm showing you this metal shuttle. I've got some metal ones that I bought years ago but this one looks as if it may have been plated. I'll never use it and count it as a 'bonus' for the accidental collection!!!

24 July 2015

Day 4 - shuttles

Today's shuttle is another pretty wooden one. This time there's a pheasant on one side and a blue tit on the other.

People seemed to think that yesterday's flowers were hand painted and I should think these are too but await further comments if you've got time.

23 July 2015

Day 3 - shuttles

This shuttle (again wooden) has a very, very pretty Iris flower on one side and an oriental poppy on the other. 

I am not an expert on these things so have no idea if they're hand painted or are transfers. HELP?

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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