25 July 2015

Day 6 - shuttles

Now today I'm showing you this metal shuttle. I've got some metal ones that I bought years ago but this one looks as if it may have been plated. I'll never use it and count it as a 'bonus' for the accidental collection!!!


StringyDogs said...

It certainly looks like it deserves a rest!

Fox said...

Oooh. That one makes me shudder! Looks cold and quite dangerous in the wrong hands....mine! : ))

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Not one that I'd enjoy using, but it's nice to see what different people enjoy.

Cindy said...

My gosh, you got quite a variety in that E-Bay win! I love the painted/wooden shuttles, but this one ... well, yes. It's a bonus :)

Eve said...

Oh my I think it is a beautiful working shuttle. It looks like brass. It may have been handmade for someone by a metal smith as it is not very perfect in form like comes from factories. It was obviously plated probably to keep the tatting from getting tarnish on it. Although if it is in constant use the chance of picking up anything is minimal. Love the folded over construction and a perfect hook... I would use that one!!! but then I like boye metal ones so I am a wee bit strange.

Ladytats said...

that one looks much more usable than the boye shuttles. I would have no worries about using it on occasion. It really is a nice shuttle for your collection. too bad they don't make those now adays.

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