20 July 2015

Day 1 - shuttles

Remember my win on Fleabay? Whoops, I mean Ebay!!! 

I may not have mentioned it here because I'm a bit - well, the kindest word is forgetful!!!  There's a picture at the top of this post of the win. I paid very little considering the contents and count myself extremely lucky.  Over the next few days/week or so I'm going to show you each in detail. 

Today's shuttle is a very shiny one. It's wooden and it appears old to me but I'm not sure. Any ideas would be very welcome.`


Liyarra said...

Jane if you are going to be forgetful you can leave them with me ok??? Especially that lovely inlay one!

Liyarra said...

Looks like an abalone shell veneer?

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That is a very pretty shuttle. I'm trying hard not to shuttle shop. I really don't need any more. However, when I see one that I sets my heart aflutter, I just can't stop my fingers from flying over the keys and pressing that Enter button!

Tatfully Yours said...

Interesting looking THINGS!!

Adrian said...

Ah, so you got those, did you?!

I thought they looked like an interesting mix of shuttle styles.

(And no, I wasn't bidding against you! These days all my eBay activity is vicarious. :-/ )

Pigmini said...

I tend to agree with Liyarra.... it looks like veneer to me too, and probably is abalone shell. The centre is definitely wood painted or lacquered black. Pretty!!

Crazy Mom! said...

Love these - especially the veneer ones and the painted ones....

Grace Tyler said...

What a lucky find! Good for you!

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