24 July 2015

Day 4 - shuttles

Today's shuttle is another pretty wooden one. This time there's a pheasant on one side and a blue tit on the other.

People seemed to think that yesterday's flowers were hand painted and I should think these are too but await further comments if you've got time.


  1. I have one of these! - no idea where it came from, so I'll be interested in finding out more about it as well.

  2. They look to be by the same 'artist' as yesterdays!!! Handwriting is the same!!!

    Are you sure you don't need help 'homing' these Jane???? VBG

    1. But they're not pigeons! ;)

  3. You certainly did acquire some wonderful shuttles! This looks hand-painted as well.

  4. They are beautiful and sure it takes a tiny brush to make the beautiful birds :)


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