23 July 2015

Day 3 - shuttles

This shuttle (again wooden) has a very, very pretty Iris flower on one side and an oriental poppy on the other. 

I am not an expert on these things so have no idea if they're hand painted or are transfers. HELP?


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

My guess is that they're painted. I can usually see the clear part of the transfer, but not in these pictures. Great shuttle!

Pigmini said...

Well.... They are probably not transfers... I would suggest hand painted but apart from them probably being by someone left handed I can't suggest a 'maker'!!

Left handed based on the positioning of the writing. If it's held in the left hand and written right handed then you would have to hold it VERY awkwardly!! If it was held in the right hand and written with the left hand then everything is smooth!! VBG

Crazy Mom! said...

This isre definitely painted. And I like it!

linb54 said...

I eould say hand painted. Very nice!

Umintsuru said...

I love this shuttle. I agree with all of you and say it is hand painted. Beautiful.

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