20 March 2019

Now they're a pair!

Once there was a lonely glove but now there's another. If one had more than three brain cells (like me) one would call that a pair!!! Well I did in the title, didn't I?

I've put between them the remaining grey yarn and I think I made a wise decision to add in the green to stretch it out. 

My next problem is where to put them so that they don't get lost before they're needed for Christmas presents. This house has a habit of swallowing stuff and not regurgitating it for many years!!!


Tim Kaylor said...

That is a nice pair of gloves. I always wanted to do a pair, but never got round to it. I like the way you striped them. Those colors work well together. They should be warm for someone next winter.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

They look wonderful! I have the same problem with hiding Christmas presents. Mom gave up on Christmas presents years ago. If she sees something she knows one of us would like, she buys or makes it and gives it to us as an unbirthday or unChristmas present. She says it's far less stressful. I haven't reached that point yet, so I'm sure there are still Christmas presents hidden around the house!

Bev said...

I wish I had a BC3 and be clever like you!

God's Kid said...

They look great!! :)
If you already know who you are giving them to you could wrap them and put the name on the label and put it in a spot designated for Christmas gifts. Wrapped presents are more "visible" than just something placed in a "safe" place. ;)

Madtatter80 said...

Congratulations I know it's a big deal and they look great too😍

Jane McLellan said...

Well done! Yes, don’t put them in too safe a place.

Bluff City Tatter said...

We put some old dressers in my craft room and I use those for present storage. I try to be disciplined and put everything in the dresser but sometimes a present or two will escape on me and I'll find it somewhere else at a later date.

Pigmini said...

Ask me to lose them for you??? Lol!!

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