22 March 2016

Another session!

Baubles seem to be taking up space in my tatting world at the moment!! I really HAVE to decide what I'm going to do with them soon. 

Somebody suggested they could be used as zipper pulls but I don't think they'd stand up to the wear and tear of that type of use. I've got a brooch which I wear on my winter coat (this one) that's made of the closed baubles and that might be where I'll head with them eventually. BUT I still 'need' to make more, don't I? An OG needs to have plenty of choices when it comes to assembling a brooch, doesn't she? 

Have I talked myself into more baubles? Time will tell, of course!!! Meantime - this is more of Karey's lovely HDT.


Maureen said...

You're right - the thread looks wonderful as a bauble. If you can make a few tiny ones, maybe they'd be an effective necklace - alternate with big beads. I can see that.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

They'd make wonderful little doll hats! ;-)

Unknown said...

They would make good skirts for little dolls or fairies.

God's Kid said...

It looks wonderful!!! :)
In Christmas colors it might look like a little Christmas tree and could be used as an ornament. Just a thought.

briddie said...

I think they'd be wonderful on a pullchain, like on ceiling fans and such. You could admire it year round, and if your fan has a light included, the beads would really shine. (Although I like the idea of a necklace of tiny baubles, too.)

Corina said...

I love it!

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