3 December 2014

Bessie Attenborough

A few days ago I was wandering back through the town after my walk round the rec and I decided to pop into a second hand book shop.  I go in there every two months or so 'just in case'!!!!!  

Well I found this book.  The hardback version of 'The Craft of Tatting' by Bessie M Attenborough.  Now I really should've left it there as I've got a copy which I bought in 1972 or thereabouts when it first came out.  In fact mine looks much the worse for wear even though it's only been used by me.  It was one of my favourites as in those days pattern books were few and far between.

Having liberated this book which has hardly been used (it's an ex library copy as you can see by the second picture) I now realise that I must part company with it.  I do NOT need any more clutter round me than I have already!!!!  So, if anybody wants it they can have it for five pounds plus postage.   Just email me and the first person who replies gets it!!!!!  


Maureen said...

A Time to Cast Away Stones - or books, in this case. It's one I have, and it's a very good little book indeed, I hope it finds a home.

Crazy Mom Tats! said...



Mouse^^^ said...

me please!!!!

Mouse^^^ said...

sent you an email

Marty said...

Yes, and I just wish I was faster!

Tally Tatty said...

Thank you, for giving this book a good homen Jane, otherwise, it would be thrown away one day. I already have it. Believe it or not, I have been teaching tatting at a WI in those days!

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