12 December 2017

Mice in Singapore

There's been a small infestation of mice in Singapore!!!! Val has now joined the Exclusive Tatting Club!!!! 

Like me she struggled to get the bauble 'going the right way' but she's now cracked it. Aren't they cute? I'm dying to get back to baubles but I've got other things 'on the go' at the moment.  This is what Val said.

"I quite like how they turned out, although I think my tension has lots of room for improvement. Now that I’ve got the hang of doing them up, I might just be tatting more of them! Some pictures below for you to see my ‘babies’. 
Oh yes, they couldn’t wait to scuttle across the room!"

You can see Val's mice on the Exclusive Tatting Club page which is here.


Maureen said...

I still haven't produced one! - I only got as far as making a bauble, so in theory, after the class, I understand how it's done, but there is a whole lot of thread, it seems between the understanding and the mouse!

Jane Eborall said...

Actually after the understanding a mouse is a relaxing tat and well worth the extra mile!

Sally Kerson said...

Ha Ha when Val and I were together last week in Singapore there were no mice as she said she hadn't finished it! So pleased she has now.

Val said...

Heehee, Sally, I got them out in one sittinh after. Had to put my mind to finishing them off! I have baubles too, to send to Jane. Just haven’t had the chance to get to them yet.

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