5 February 2020

Black earrings

Do you remember these earrings? Well it turns out that I’d only got one when I got home a week or two ago. Lost on my walk - somewhere near the canal basin! I wasn’t that bothered as I wasn’t that sure I liked them after a few times of wearing them. 

The saddest part of the loss was the demise of the fabulous beads I bought in America last year. Still I’m glad I bought two strings of them. 

So I got the good old scissors out to the one earring and demolished it!! Instead I thought I’d try another idea and used black thread with gold seed beads as well. I really like this pair. 

The one on the right looks sort of ‘bent’ but it isn’t really. Just the way it got slammed down on the scanner!!  I'm not exactly gentle with my jewellery, you know!!!


Jane McLellan said...

It's annoying to lose one earring, even if you're not overly fond of them. I like the new pair. Don't lose them!

Tim Kaylor said...

Those look great! Are those the ones with the double holes in the beads?

Pigmini said...

If you want to lose them.... A padded envelope to my address will ensure their safety... Lol

Jane Eborall said...

Jane - I’ll try not to lose them and have started using those plastic backs on them!
No, Tim. They’re just ornery beads.
Sorry, Pigmini I’m not about to part with them anytime soon - see above comment to Jane!!!

God's Kid said...

Beautiful earrings!!! :)

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