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15 October 2019

New earrings

Just some eye candy today!! I spotted these amazing beads in a store in America. I think it was Michaels but not sure!! I simply couldn’t resist buying a couple of strands of them.

There really isn’t a pattern for this as it’s simply self closing mock rings with the bead added to the loop before joining back to the core thread. All you have to do is work as many doubles as you need to go round one side of the bead, join then repeat. I put a ring at the top to join to the metal split ring (which then goes onto the ear finding) and then work back down the other side with simple chains. Again the number of doubles will be the same as the number on the SCMR’s.

I could’ve added more small seed beads to this but it was so sparkly just as it is that I didn’t want to dazzle myself!!!


Madtatter80 said...

That's so freely I bought those exact same beads 😁great minds think alike 😃 love the earrings, I used them on my keys🔑

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Ooh! Those will sparkle in the sunlight!

Crazy Mom! said...

These are FAB!

Pigmini said...

Putty!! Wish I had they beads!!

Bernice said...

Love these, they will look good on my ears :)

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