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11 March 2020

Trying to downsize the stash!

I have yarn. Not too much, but more than I really want/need at the moment.  There’s around a carrier bag ‘and a bit’ of yarn lurking and glaring at me.  All odds and ends I’ve acquired over the past few years.  I want/need it GONE.

I decided to start a blanket either for a local care home or for those who have no home and live on the streets.

My issue with blankets whether knitted or crocheted is that you have to sew or join the motifs at the end and I’m no great lover of that!!! So I decided to go in search of a pattern that you could join the motifs on as you work the blanket.

I found this pattern and thought I’d give it a go. As you know I’ve recently taught myself to knit the continental way and now find it pretty fast. I followed the instructions for the first four squares and found it quite straightforward. Now to expand after the red one is done.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I really don't enjoy joining squares either. I've seen this design before, but I've never tried it. It will be interesting to see how it develops!

Jane McLellan said...

Good thinking! I’ve done join as you go crochet squares. Oh and small knitted blankets in intarsia, which means a lot of balls of yarn in use! This mitred squares technique looks a lot more sensible.

God's Kid said...

Great idea!! :)

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