20 March 2020

Playing with the new sequins

Now what I didn't tell you about the new sequins is that they are cupped too. I've shown you this motif twice - once from the greenish sequin's side and the other from the pinkish one. I turned the motif upside down on the scanner platen which makes me one VERY clever lady!!!! The energy involved must've caused me to lose several kilos of weight!!  I was proud of myself!!!

If anybody wants to know if I'll be sharing the pattern then the answer is NO. 


Well cause I just ain't happy with it at all. I'm going to continue playing with it and (hopefully) simplifying it too. THEN I'll share it!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'll be patient! I still have to look for sequins with two holes.

picotsnkeys said...

ooooo! I love that look. Especially the little blips of color between the pink chains. I hope that's not something you ain't happy with.

Jane Eborall said...

I suppose you could ‘poke’ another hole through sequins with a hot needle, Diane? I’ll have to try that out!!!
The blips were deliberate picotsnkeys but I don’t like finished pieces where you have to ‘encourage’ them to lie flat! With an iron or not!

Jane McLellan said...

Those sequins certainly stimulated BC3.

God's Kid said...

They look great!!! :)

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