10 April 2009

Not a lot else!!!!

Before I say anything else and in answer to people's comments of yesterday I'd like to say that I rarely pre-wash a tshirt before adding the tatting!!! Downright laziness and also the fact that I usually buy Lands End clothes when I get to the USA. I rely on their excellent quality to allow me to not pre-shrink!!! That's my excuse!!!!

Now, rarely do I post anything not craft related but this I must share!!!

Youngest daughter and family came back from a holiday in Florida to find that their new cat, who adopted them two months ago, had caused concern while they were away!! She'd put on a lot of weight. I must add here that DD and SIL live right out in the sticks and the cat wasn't claimed by anyone despite extensive enquiries.

On her first day back at work my DD rang the vet to make arrangements for the cat to be spayed.

Following morning they awoke to find this in the cat's bed!!!!

Just heard that 36 hours later another kitty was born!!!

Here's another picture


Hillside Threads said...

I'v heard of buy one get one free! But get one free and then get 2 more free is a bargain if you like cats. They are the cutest little things. My boyfriend has just been adopted by a heavyweight cat but it's a he so no surprises awaiting us.

Riet said...

Hi Jane,
my little doggie, Camille saw the two little ones and she is really yelous but she also sais congratulations to mama cat.
Can you please be so kind to let mama cat know this.
Camille say thanks you for that.
Riet the B-engel

Krystle said...

Awwww, what a great surprise! How wonderful!

Pwecious wittle babies!

Stephanie said...

How cute! When I was 16 I had a fat longhaired cat named Meghan. One day I came home from school to find five baby kitties in my closet. We never had the slightest idea she was expecting.

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Happy Beaks
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