26 November 2009

Last two

First of all thank you to Gina at the Tattinggoddess blog.  I've 'stolen' your suggestion for a search bar and I love it.

You'll be pleased to know that these are the last two!!!  I'm SO bored with these now.

This pair are for special people.  My son in law and daughter.  

I mention him first as he usually 'nags' for the tatted decorations - bless him.

Tomorrow there will be something special to celebrate the end of this phase of my tatting life!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love these even though your SO bored.

IsDihara said...

Yes! I agree with Rayanna. These are so lovely, I can't get enough of them, even though you are bored, bored, bored.

Thanks for sharing all the different colorful versions. Each one is stunning.

Jane Eborall said...

Now, seriously, Rayanna and Isdihara, what are you two doing reading an old git in the UK's blog when you should be filling yourselves full of turkey?!?!?!?
Thanks for stopping by - I think these two are my favourites. More new stuff coming soon, though!!!

Maureen said...

Watermelon colours! - there's some in the fridge, looking just like this! What thread comes in these luscious shades? And how wonderful to have a son in law who asks for tatting - mine asks for roast lamb.

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, Maureen. The green is a plain Lizbeth thread and the red is a variegated Coats. I like their variegated threads as the colour changes are very subtle. I'm not a great user of variegated threads!!!!

Ridgewoman said...

Hi Mate: All stuffed with Turkey. DH did himself proud again this year!
That's a lot of decorations for your 'lucky ones' My SIlove called today to wish me Happy Turkey day. THAT Turkey was at our friends's beach house down in Southern California (the NERVE) THE 3 sons with Mom and Dad (that is unusual). He did send me pictures of the Thanksgiving Barb o cue! Only in SO Cal would one be grilling in November! The beach house is near San Diego. Wish we were all sitting with our tatting and a good glass of red ~ watching the dolphins. My SIL has your sea horse, dolphin hanging in his 'special' room. XXX B

Fox said...

Love that pile of finished flakes! Such beauteous bounty!
Fox : )

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Happy Beaks
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