19 June 2013

New technique page

Thank you to all those who helped with this - I'm still open to suggestions as I always am over anything on my pattern/technique pages.

I'm darn sure this has been a well known way to get round knots for many years and it's one I've started using more and more recently.  It's a way to add in a new shuttle or chain thread when you run out of thread and WITHOUT any knots!!!  

I know that tatting is 'all about knots' and that without them we wouldn't be here.  BUT I don't like knots in my work as I'm trolling along.  I think this may be a variation of another way but I thought it might be worth putting together a page on 'how I do it'!!!

Nearly forgot - here's the link!  Ooooops - here's a picture or two!!!


magbod said...

Hi Jane, I always hide one thread inside the knots during making ring and second thread inside next element, ring or chain.
In my opinion, it looks better then two threads under knots first ring, becouse knots are a little bit thiner.
Please forgive my Ebnglish. I hope, do you understand me :)
Love skrzacik (poland)

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, magbod - that's what I used to do but I find this much easier and neater as I was using a weaver's knot before hiding the ends that way. To be honest I've never found it a problem having two threads hidden in the same place and particularly if you cut one end close a stitch or two before the other. Your English is 100% better than my Polish!!!!

Jon Yusoff said...

Thank you for this post. It came at the right time. One of my blog readers asked me how to add new thread in the middle of a project. I gave her the link to your techniques page.

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Happy Beaks
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