18 June 2013

Green bracelet

Thank you to all who offered and helped with the technique I was talking about yesterday.  I hope to get the page finished and uploaded later today.  Least that's if BC3 doesn't go wandering off like he's prone to do!!!

I found this bracelet yesterday!!  I'd forgotten I'd made it.  Like lots of my missing stuff I found it under the lid of the scanner.  I know I'm not the only one who does that!!!

This one isn't going into the Etsy shop - it's a present for a friend.  I do hope she likes it!

Oh, somebody asked me yesterday how long the curtains have taken me so I worked it all out.  I think they'll take me roughly 78 hours when I've done the last two for the side windows!!!  Must settle down and get on with the two side windows now. 


Phyllis said...

Pretty bracelet. You have a very lucky friend.

Michelle said...

Lucky friend! Gorgeous colors!

Ladytats said...

That is a very pretty green bracelet. Have fun with the rest of the curtains.

Jane McLellan said...

That's what I was thinking too Michelle!

God's Kid said...

Beautiful!!! :)

Tatfully Yours said...

Very pretty!!! I do love greens!!!!

Corina said...

Lovely bracelet!

Hillside Threads said...

Very pretty

panpan said...

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