19 January 2008

Tshirt edging finished AND sewn on!

Now it's one thing for me to finish a piece but it's another when it comes to sewing it onto fabric! I made this edging for the neckline and sleeves of a tshirt. I've devised a way of coping with myself in these situations. I will NOT allow myself to start something new until the whole project is complete - and that includes the sewing on!!
This is the edging which I've got almost ready to upload onto my pattern pages. Mary Jarvis has very kindly tested the pattern out for me and given me feedback on it. I will check this out in a day or two as I really would like to use it again to make a handky edging.

I'm very pleased with this edging as it really seems to 'flow' well from the lower to the upper part. I may well tackle something more difficult in the future.


Bonnie said...

Oh my, Jane that is beautiful!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Jane, I love the edging. I also love the thread you used. What thread is it? Just curious. It kinda reminds me of my Omega thread in varigated blues and off white that I have been using with beads to make a new purse out of.

Jane Eborall said...

Spot on, Sherry. It is Omega and I bought it at Palmetto!!!! Love it - works up well, too.

Charlene said...

Very pretty, Jane!! So elegant, it would be lovely on a silk blouse, too!

BJ said...

I appreciate the "another when it comes to sewing it onto fabric" Same here! At least you know how to sew -
Very pretty pattern. I've been thinking after my UFProjects are completed, to decorate a shirt. I have a number with 3/4 sleeves and scoop neck that would take a tatted addition quite well.
x Beverly

weebug said...

it is simply beautiful.

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