15 January 2008

Another little heart

Yesterday I decided to make another little heart.
Sadly I appear to have upset a dear friend with the other design which she says is very like one she designed some years ago. I have apologised and have been very upset to think I inadvertently upset her.
This is the new one.
Having ordered lots more of the crystal hearts for the centres I felt I needed to use them when they arrive. I think these hearts would make very pretty accessories to wedding place settings, cards etc.
I have revised my listings on ebay and do hope that this will resolve the matter. I lost a night's sleep over this as I hate to think that I upset somebody that I respect and admire so much.


Ridgewoman said...

Oh Jane! Since this person is a friend, I hope all will work out. Especially since it was purely accidental - the hearts are very pretty and shall go over to e-bay and bid. I'm sorry you lost sleep; my empathy, because I, too, am a person who is upset if I inadvertently hurt a friend.
It will sort itself out...


Unknown said...

This is Jewel of a heart.. thanks for sharing...

Susan B T

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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