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9 February 2017

Trials of a TIAS!

Just a few of the pieces of tatting that I ditched while designing this year's TIAS. 

As you can see I had many changes of mind and landed up going in several directions and sometimes all at once!!!  

There were a few more of these 'trials' in the early days but they got thrown away. These are now all in the bin too!  

I'm finding that the way I design changes slightly over the years.  I still use the 'grab 2 shuttles and go' method but nowadays also resort to drawing rough sketches on my computer too.  LONG gone are the days when I did anything on paper as I spent so long looking for those bits of paper the next morning that it just wasn't worth it.

I type up the text as I go and then copy, paste and change it all in the same document so that I have a record of what works and what doesn't.  


  1. A design process is always interesting! I'm still old-fashioned and like to sketch on grid paper, making it easier to keep proportion and estimate stitch count.

  2. ...and that is why I tat and leave the designing to others! Thanks for all you do to keep us all tatting, Jane!

  3. It's Crinoline Carnage!

    Jane, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the TIAS this year! Bravo!

  4. Living in Silicon Valley, I begin most of my designs on napkins or corners of programs! I must try the "grab the shuttles method" someday. Maybe it will lead to better designs!

  5. A lot of thought and effort goes into the creation of the tias. Splendid today to see the array of crinoline ladies that resulted!

  6. Thank you for sharing these, because I feel like so many of us don't realize just how much really goes into designing!! :)

  7. So glad you took photos! Several of these have potential! It's fun to look at these. We very much appreciate the talent you have. I also like that the 'Lady' is only a few inches high, and could fit into a small frame or could decorate so many things.

  8. Oh I like them all the one looks like a Japanese dressed lady!

  9. Thank you Jane ! I am interested in your soft or app to draw patterns on the computer. Your patterns are always easy to read and understand. What's your drawing secret please ?

    1. My secret isn't really much of a secret!! I use an iMac and the package which I paid for initially is EazyDraw. Years of experience help too!! Thanks for the compliment - anytime I can help you just contact me. My email address is somewhere on this blog and in the profile too!!!

  10. Liz in Melbourne3:54 am

    My first TIAS, - and it was great fun. Thank you, Jane.
    Design is not my thing, so I am eternally grateful for those of you who Do design!


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