24 September 2009


Foolishly and rashly I promised myself a big tidy up of my tatting cupboard when I got back from the trip.  BOY, that was a foolish thing to do!!!  I've been trapped for two days!!!

I started two days ago.  I delved into the 'middle' room where the cupboard is and started.  I'd got lots and lots of tins and containers with beads and bits and 'stuff' in.  All these came out for 'sorting'.  It's a long way down to the floor and a long way up again when you need a cup of tea or a pee.

I think I've got it done now - nearly.  Next will be the drawer in tat corner and labels on each container!!!!  Hmm, it'll be another day or two until I escape!!

It's been several years since this sort of massive tidy up was last done.  So pleased with myself.  I'll take pictures when it's finished. 

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Happy Beaks
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