26 September 2009

All's well that ends!!!!

Finally finished sorting out the cupboard. Here are some pictures!!

First of all the top shelf.  Not a lot of interest here!!

Next shelf down.  This is the thread shelf and there are more behind the ones you can see.  I've stored them according to colour and mostly they're size 20.

Down one more.  Here are the number 80 threads and a lot of other odds and ends.

Now down one more to the bead section.  This is a close up of the back of the shelf so that you can see my neat labeling!!!

This is a view of the whole shelf with a container (that big one on the left) full of bangles and 'stuff').   Below that picture is a picture of the other beads returned in front of the labeled ones.  I know what's in these - a mixture of 11's in most colours.


Finally at the bottom you can see the sewing section.  


H J Hess said...

Janie love,
Please come back to the Carolinas and re-organize my stash, pretty please, please, please!
What a wonderfully organized cupboard.

Jane Eborall said...

I'd LOVE to come back to help. I'll be on the next plane!!!!

Maureen said...

What a well-organised stash! It doesn't appear to be a very big cupboard though - what a lot of magic comes out of it!

Sally Kerson said...

Right Jane, next time I'm your way will inspect this cupboard to see if it is still tidy!!!!!

Tudy said...

Very nice job, can you come to my house and do that? Just kidding. I live in a trailer home and do not have a lot of space. I am always sorting things out.

erin said...

Am I impressed! But you know, I find it interesting that you group threads by color. I must be terribly unimaginative as I've always sorted mine by size and/or variety (and then if needed by color). I'm also one of those folk who have to have everything out where I can see it else it shall be forever lost. Before Tat Days I did some land reclamation in my Chambre des Horreurs. I started by cleaning out all drawers, closets, and shelves, sorted through things, then put things back. Now I can't find anything except my nasty old white #10 thread I've had since I was about 12. What is that famous saying? "No good deed goes unpunished!"

Heehee! Come back, Janie!

IsDihara said...

I have never seen such top-notch organization applied to a thread closet. Color me impressed, envious even!

Whatsa girl gotta do to get added to the Re-organization Tour? I don't have a closet, but enough thread and stuff to at least a 20-gallon tub. (Hey, I heard that laughing from the peanut gallery!)

tattingpip said...

I know it takes time but wow what a result.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Erin, Isdihara, I'm on my way!!!
I've always sorted threads according to colour and those boxes have number 20's in their colourways. I do have a box of 'mixed' 80's and another of 40's. I just hope I can find what I'm looking for when next I need something.
Sally - I'll try and keep the cupboard tidy for your next inspection - there's a bag of 'stuff' for you to take home too!!!

H J Hess said...

Hi, Sally,
Can Jane be my sister too? If so, do you think she might have a bag of 'stuff' for me?
P.S. Janie, Ken still can't get over you winning at corn hole. He says if it had not been for your wicked throwing arm, he would have been the winner of that game (hahaha). He sends his best regards. Hugs, Hegla

Jane Eborall said...

Tell Ken it was a fluke!!! I'm going to publish the gifts I won from Jerry sometime soon. Just getting to my Palmetto pictures - slowly. Give Ken a BBH (big bug hug) from me.

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