21 September 2009

First things out of the suitcase!!!!

These are the first things out of my suitcase!!!

The reason?  Well they were with my earrings that I wear regularly so were a priority to unpack!!!

Remember when I was kidnapped by Gina and Gail?  We not only swopped ideas and gossip we also exchanged gifts. 

This is a pair of earwigs that Gina gave me.  I'll get to the rest over the next few days, I hope!!!


Crazy Mom! said...

Earwig? or earring?


Ridgewoman said...

An ear-bob by any other name would smell as sweet! LOL Glad you are home safe n sound (well, at least safe) silly old moo, me. XXX

rainbows and raindrops said...

Do you know where I can get the pattern for these?

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